5 advanced community management tips for Pinterest

Posted: May 25th, 2013
Author: | Filed under: Piqora Features

So you have created your Pinterest profile, added a few boards, filled those boards with some pins, have got a few followers and are now wondering how to ratchet up the engagement on your boards, how to grow your followers, pins and repins. Here are 4 things you may not have thought of:

  1. New Boards: Don’t stop with just 5 boards. Keep creating new boards around interesting themes until you find the topics that appeal to your audience. Keep the board names creative. Learn from pinterest.com/modcloth. Use Piqora’s dashboard to check the best performing boards of yours and your competitors.
  2. Follow 70/30 rule: 70% of the pins from your own website and 30% of content from other pinners. Make sure that this 30% is still content your brand is about. This principle is really about ensuring creativity and maintaining visual appeal of your pins and boards. Find best sources for visual stunning images and make them a part of your boards. That will scale your board’s followership and reach into Pinterest. Next time you add a website pin to that board, you can expect a ton of repins and clicks.
  3. Follow your Pinners: Your pinners are your biggest advocates, organically curating content from your website. Follow them and you’ll get them to follow back and grow your audience. You can find a list of your most active pinners on Piqora dashboard.
  4. Create Community Boards: Invite your followers to contribute on your community boards. This the ultimate expression of a brand’s acknowledgment of brand advocacy. Inviting your followers to co-curate content will help your board get a massive reach within Pinterest. Next time you pin something on that board, watch as the repins come in.
  5. Pin 10-30 pins every day: Pin regularly and stay on top of your follower minds. Feed on pinterest can move very quickly and most successful brands pin 10-30 pins every day to sustain the visibility on user feeds. There is a direct correlation between volume of pinning and engagement. More pins is more opportunity to get repins and followers through those repins. Remember these need not be your pins — find the best content pin and keep the volume between 10 and 30 a day for best results.

Pinterest is about discovery of taste and inspiration. Humans have taste in many areas of life – fashion, food, travel, art. Brands can too. Humanize your brand with Pinterest. Make sure your content is aligned with helping pinners find things they love.