How to get 2 million Followers on Pinterest? – Pinfluencer Q&A with Danae

Posted: September 5th, 2012
Author: | Filed under: Industry Insights, Pinterest Best Practices

Danae is a graduate student at Columbia University who has over 2 million followers on Pinterest (( Danae came to Pinfluencer’s lauch party and gave us interesting insights into how she went about getting a massive following. Below is an interview with her.

When did you start using Pinterest?

I started using Pinterest during the first year it launched after reading about it on a blog. I applied for an invitation immediately and was hooked from day one. Prior to using Pinterest, I created folders on my computer that were reserved for inspirational images but rarely viewed them, as it was not a visually conducive method of organizing and viewing images. Pinterest eliminated the clutter on my computer and most importantly, allowed me to view the images with ease and create personalized boards.

How active are you on pinterest? Describe your activity — do you mostly pin, repin or create boards?

Pinterest might as well be my home page – I use it every day! I’m pretty systematic about how I utilize the site. I start by viewing the latest content from my favorite blogs and feeds through my google reader account. At this point, I must be subscribed to well over a hundred blogs and sift through thousands of images every week. I’m really critical about what I end up pinning, though. For instance, I might view close to a thousand images a day, but may only end up pinning 5 or 6 images that really catch my eye. I currently have 25 boards and try to keep things as simple as possible – if a board doesn’t get much use, I’ll delete it. I also make sure to go through and delete pins that no longer interest me every so often. It sounds cliché, but for me, it’s all about quality and not quantity. Some of my boards may only have 10 or 15 images, but they’re the pins I find most inspiring so I don’t mind. Pinterest is a tool I use for myself; I won’t pin anything that doesn’t personally interest me or grab my attention and I use the images in all aspects of my life. I can find images for my blog, keep a record of recent purchases, and even keep track of the books I plan to read.

Do you prefer the bookmarklet or pinning from sites with the pin-it button?

I prefer the bookmarklet, as it’s much more convenient. I almost never use the pin-it button. I also upload content directly every so often.

What would you recommend for someone who is starting out on pinterest?

Be organized and consistent. People will appreciate being able to navigate your boards with ease. I try not to pin a large amount of images under one board – it can get overwhelming. Instead, create boards that are specific and well-organized. Most importantly, pin according to your own interests and what makes sense for you. Simple is best.

What would you say to a brand who is looking activate and grow their follower base? How did you grow your follower count from 0 to 1 million?

Personally, I think consistency is key. When pinning images, I make sure to assess how they fit into the larger picture – will the image complement the other pins within a given board? My pins follow a specific aesthetic that followers seem to identify with and I strive to pin new content as frequently as possible. While I love having the ability to re-pin others, I ultimately believe that bringing fresh content to the site is important – users will look to your boards as a place to find new inspiration and ideas. As a consumer, I anticipate that a brand’s Pinterest account will promote their personal aesthetic and the images (regardless of what category they fall under) will resonate with the brand itself.

Do you have any favorite followers or people/brands you like repinning from? How do you choose who to follow?

Satsuki Shibuya, Bonnie Tsang, and Pennyweight are some of personal favorites. In terms of brands, I am constantly inspired by Lonny Magazine, Matchbook Magazine, the Coveteur, and Barneys New York. These brands and people each serve as excellent examples of how their pins reflect and communicate their brand and aesthetic while still providing fresh and original content.