Pinfluencer customer Q&A with Zappos

Posted: August 9th, 2012
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As part of the customer Q&A series on Pinterest Analytics, Pinfluencer spoke with Zappos’¬†product manager, Graham Kahr.

Why is Pinterest important to Zappos?

Customers are always most important to us. Whether they are interacting around the Zappos brand on Facebook, Twitter, live chat, email or over the telephone (we’re open 24/7) we want to be there to interface with them. It’s all part of delivering WOW. Not only can we create awareness about all of the products our customers can find on Zappos, but we can also share our one-of-a-kind company culture.¬†The cool thing about Pinterest is that many people use it for aspiration, storytelling and solving problems.

Why did you start using Pinfluencer?

We were fortunate to get connected with Kris and the team at Pinfluencer. We shared many of the same values and saw an opportunity to work together. Nobody is doing the analysis of Pinterest that they are doing so it’s been a great partnership for us.

What feature(s) do you use the most?

We’re really excited about being able to engage with our most influential pinners and seeing the products that are going viral daily. Pinfluencer has helped us tap into the analytics that we so desperately needed to validate our hypotheses on the Pinterest channel. We know that Pinterest is a big deal and that our users love it, but Pinfluencer does a fantastic job of showing us just how much.

What insights have you gained since using Pinfluencer?

Beyond the knowledge that Pinfluencer has given us about our brand’s presence, we’ve really enjoyed being able to see how other sites are performing. We’ve been able to really dig into what’s driving engagement and amplification through the competitors tab. It’s awesome to be able to plug any site and handle to get on-the-spot comparisons.

Do you have any favorite pins that are on Zappos’s Pinterest page?

I really like Hope’s Board in general. Hope LaQuerre is part of our visual merch team that does our shoots, live streams and fashion events. The board speaks so much to her in real life so I enjoy how genuine it is. You can’t go wrong with puppies and baked goods.

–Team Pinfluencer