Pinner360 – Pinfluencer launches complete social profile of Pinterest users

Posted: September 19th, 2012
Author: | Filed under: Piqora Features

As a marketer you want to know everything about your users and customers – what they like, what they buy, and what they say on social networks. Today Pinfluencer took a big first step toward providing its customers a comprehensive view of pinners: what the pinners have actually pinned from brand’s website, which competitors they have pinned from, which other brands they are following, and which of those pins are generating engagement.

While Pinterest tells you everything that a particular user has recently pinned, Pinner360 is a simple way to find out what your users are pinning from your site. This allows brands to get in-depth knowledge about their customers, prospective buyers, and viewers. Knowing which products an influential pinner or a prospective buyer pins/likes is a great way to initiate conversations and relationships with them.

The engaged  pinner report was already showing you your most active pinners i.e. your site users who have pinned substantial number of product pages directly from you site. Additionally influential pinner report was showing you which of those pinners had the most repin generating potential a.k.a pinners with high influence score. Pinner360 adds another layer of information for these pinners. With Pinner 360, you can now drill down into any specific user profile and see:

  • List of pins that user pinned from your brand’s site
  • The boards that those pins went into
  • Competitors/Brands that user pins regularly from
  • Competitor/Brands that user follows and Brands that follow that user

Some of the ways this rich profile data about your pinterest audience can help you with is —

  • You can like and comment on the pins of your most engaged and influential pinners. Show them your approval – its the best way to engage with your customers on Pinterest
  • Your CRM team can reach out to your recently active pinners and offer them a discount on the product they pinned.
  • Your social team can reach out to influential pinners and attract them to participate and spread the word about your contest.
  • You have a way of knowing which products your influential pinners like. You can pin those products in your pinboards for further virality and engagement.

The future of Pinner360 is Social360 — which may include recent tweets, facebook likes, tumbles and other relevant social data that helps you form a complete picture of your user for effective 1:1 marketing.

Pinner360 is in limited release and is only available to Pinfluencer’s most engaged customers. If you’d like a demo or want the Pinner360 feature enabled on your dashboard, please contact your account manager. To request a demo of the entire Pinfluencer suite, drop us a note at