Pinterest = BoW = Best of Web

Posted: December 29th, 2012
Author: | Filed under: Industry Insights

bowPinfluencer constantly studies and examines the psychological reasons why users are increasingly excited and engaged on Pinterest. We believe that Pinterest makes web browsing extremely efficient. When users are planning their wedding, re-modeling their kitchen, looking for a recipie or getting ready for a DIY inspiration — they can either spend hours and hours hopping from site to site that are surrounded with text, ads and spammy links or they can browse curated, high quality, carefully selected collections on Pinterest. Which do you think is easier?

Pinterest is the BoW layer between the Web and Humans making discovery and web browsing easy by:

  1. Being visual. Human beings process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. (research from 3M corporation). Images increase our comprehension, recollection, and retention.
  2. Removing click barriers to exploration. On Pinterest users can keep scrolling to discover new content.
  3. Allowing easy navigation so users can drive straight into categories such as wedding or home decor.
  4. Helping users remember and express taste via repinning. Repins create the collaborative quality signal that sends higher quality content to the top of your Pinterest feed, making discovery that much more efficient.

And that’s why Pinterest is the fastest growing social network driving more traffic than Linkedin, Yahoo and Google+ combined.