Top Ten Ways for Brands to Grow their Pinterest Presence

Posted: September 29th, 2012
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Greetings! My name is Tansy and I am the new Head of Marketing at Pinfluencer. One of my major focuses is helping brands and users on Pinterest discover creative ways to engage around exciting visual content. To start, I would like to share the “Top Ten Ways for Brands to Grow their Pinterest Presence”. These ideas will help improve your followers user experience and grow your traffic.


1. Encourage Pinning – Make sure that your website includes Pinterest “Pin It” buttons so that your site users can easily post and share content with their friends and followers.



2. Send a “shout out” to your opinion leaders and brand advocates – Use Pinner360 to discover the opinion leaders who have pinned your products. Through Pinner360 you can connect with them by commenting and liking their pins.



3. Pick the best time to pin – Look at your the Follower Time Engagement Graph in your reports, to discover when your followers are most engaged, and schedule your pins at those times.



4. Find new content to pin – Discover what content is popular “overall” using the Top Pins Report. More…

5. Consider your brand values – Be social, authentic and reflect  your brand’s values (not just products) in your pins and boards. Consider what values represent your brand and get creative on how those values can be shown through images. Images can provide a positive emotional experience, so help people to laugh, think, be inspired, etc. More...



6. Prioritize your boards – Time is always limited, but by using Board Tracker Reports, you can see which of your Pinterest boards are the most viral. Then you can decide if your strategy should be to invest more time pinning on boards that are performing well or applying what’s working to boards that are not performing as well. More… 


7. Test your content – Find what types of images engage your followers the most by A/B testing your content. More…


8. Monitor other successful Pinners – Watch what types of content and influencers your competitors or other relevant groups are having success with. This will provide you with lessons and inspiration.





9. Tweet your followers – Send your influential followers “thank you” notes using twitter.

10. SEO Your Board – Search Engine Optimization is important and valuable to your Pinterest posts. Integrate your keyword strategies into the title of your boards and the descriptions on your pins. More…



If you have other suggestions or examples, I would love to hear from you at or @tansybrook


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