Why are Pinterest Promotions so viral? – The 2nd Order Effect!

Posted: December 18th, 2012
Author: | Filed under: Piqora Features

Pinfluencer has hosted and tracked over 50 pinterest promotions and noticed that our promotions cause an increase of 150+% in the followers/day for the brands. What this means is while a promotion is active brands experience a second and third order effect of gaining new followers beyond contest participation.


Why do brands get significantly more followers than the contest participation? The effect is similar to a like based sweepstake on Facebook. Those likes propagate through friends of participants and cause more people to like your page. On Pinterest, the pins from your participants show up in their follower’s feeds and cause those followers to click on those pins, repin those pins and follow your brand on Pinterest. Because Pinterest is designed around resharing (repinning), the repins from your participant’s followers create even more visibility, clicks, repins and help you gain new followers.

Once a brand has acquired a follower on Pinterest, they can predictably reach those followers via quality pinning on their boards and keep their followers engaged. Currently Pinterest does not have any feed controls unlike facebook’s edge rank algorithm which can suppress your fan page posts. What this means is so long as you are posting high quality pins at the time when your followers are most engaged, your pins are very likely to reach your followers causing them to repin/like your content and help you achieve viral reach.